8k screens

8K screens on Vega being demonstrated by AMD

It feels like just a few years ago that Ultra HD screens, more commonly known as 4K screens became mainstream. But before you plonk your hard earned money down for a brand new 4K monitor for your battlestation, just consider something. AMD has been showing off Vega’s raw graphs processing prowess with 8K screens. Yes, you read that right: 8K screens. Where 4K was literally four times the pixels of a normal HD monitor, 8K screens will haveĀ sixteen times the pixel density of HD. With a screen that dense, who needs anti-aliasing?


AMD is going to release its upcoming Vega graphics architecture within the next couple of months. But before the release occurs, AMD has been demonstrating what Vega can do. At the NAB show in Las Vegas, the company demonstrated its upcoming Vega architecture on 8K video processing in Adobe Premier Pro CC2017. 8K video is a new video standard of course, given that 4K has only just come into the mainstream. But 8K is now gaining traction. And given AMD wants to grow its market share in hardware, it’s trying to woo customers to its products that can handle new standards.


8K screens

AMD has had a busy year, and the next product release is Vega. Image credit: PC World


8K screens aren’t even that far away. With graphics card technology rendering 4K images with ease now, and the next generation expected to be able to handle 4K at above 60 frames per second, it seems it’s high time for a bigger technical challenge for all our computers. Also, our wallets will no doubt be challenged when buying brand new hardware.


AMD’s upcoming Vega architecture is the company’s first foray into the high end graphics card market in two years, after the release of its Radeon Fury series. Lots of details have been released about Vega, given it’ll have the latest version of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2), significantly more efficient processing cores and multiple variants. Some idea of its performance is already out there with AMD’s Radeon Instinct series of artificial intelligence processors.


8k screens

AMD’s recently released Radeon Instinct cards. An interesting taste of Vega’s performance. Image credit: AMD


8K screens are coming and households are likely to be enjoying them in the near future. This means hardware that can drive such incredibly dense screens. It seems that the hardware is coming, and sooner than expected as well. Could Vega be the first cab off the rank for the future? AMD certainly hopes it is, so that its bottom line gets that much better.

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