Apple Electric Car Layoffs

Apple’s Electric Car Project suffers another brick wall

We have reported to you in the past regarding Apple’s plans to create an electric car and enter the automotive industry with Project Titan.  However, it seems they have hit another speed bump with reports of massive layoffs. This comes barely a month after Apple executive Bob Mansfield returned to Apple to take up the project. Apple has during the last two years reported many highly experienced engineers in the industry to help manufacture this new technological marvel. The team is reported to have in excess of 800 members before the reported layoff.


Interestingly, Apple does not seem to be shutting down its endeavour, rather, it is looking to move its focus. Instead of launching an ‘Apple’ Electric Car it is looking into developing self-driving car technology like that of Google. The new research purpose could explain the sudden layoffs. With many other companies such as Google, Mercedes and Tesla all looking into this technology, it will be interesting to see if Apple will produce something spectacular or fail dramatically. I hope for Apple’s sake the massive firing of employees and shift in focus is worth it, this is not the phone/tablet market and has plenty of competition already.


We will keep you updated.

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