Black Friday 2017 – Pre-sales going in Australia

Australia, are you gearing up for Black Friday 2017? Because it’s coming, and it’s really only a few days away. However, there are sales going on currently that will certainly be tempting for some who might not want to wait or risk missing out on good deals now. The question is whether or not you’re one of those impatients?


The biggest sale that you can take advantage of right now in lieu of Black Friday 2017 is one going on at eBay. That’s right. There’s a big Tech Sale on selected eBay stores where customers can take a twenty per cent off the retail price. This sale will let you get smartphones, computer components, laptops and other gadgets for a decently low price.


black friday 2017


Kogan is already offering Christmas deals in advance of Black Friday 2017. Some of the best deals include:

  • Google Pixels and Pixel XLs starting from about AU$650,
  • Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics cards for AU$650,
  • Nvidia GeFore GTX1080Ti graphics cards for just over AU$1,000, plus
  • TVs, appliances and gadgets for below retail price.


Of course, eBay isn’t the only online retailer in Australia. Home grown cheap things company Kogan is also running Christmas Specials before Christmas itself. This is to cater for all those who don’t yet know what to buy for those who already have everything, or those who just want to spoil themselves a little.


black friday 2017


Right now, you can score:

  • An Apple iPhone 8 Plus for AU$1,199 (AU$100 off retail),
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for AU$1149,
  • Google Pixel 2 for AU$999, and
  • A 256GB Apple MacBook Air for AU$1,499.


There are certainly a lot of bargains already. And it’s not even Black Friday 2017 yet, or even Cyber Monday 2017, which will might also be able to provide you with great savings.


black friday 2017


The other option is to hop on to overseas websites like Newegg and Amazon to see what they might be offering. They will certainly be making out some great deals, but just be prepared to be disappointed if the item you’ve set your eyes on can’t be shipped overseas. And no, that makes no sense in 2017 either.

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