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Destiny 2: Warmind – The WTT Initial Review

It’s been a bit of a long wait for Warmind. Players of Destiny 2 have been chomping at the bit for new loot and adventure since the release of the lacklustre Curse of Osiris expansion. Needless to say it didn’t quite expand things as much as people hoped. Now the second of three confirmed expansions has launched, will it draw the attention of both new and old players?


What The Tech found out, as of very very early this morning.


Story and campaign

destiny 2 - warmind

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You begin the story on Mars, helping Anna Bray access and control the Warmind Rasputin which inhabits the planet. It’s being targeted by both the Cabal and a new icy faction of the Hive. The story missions, as is typical, is gated behind your character level. The character level now tops out at 30, which you should hit by the end of the campaign.


The campaign itself is…short. The Mars map itself isn’t very big, about the size of Titan’s territory, minus the quest exclusive parts. With dedication, the campaign can be finished in about two hours. That’s kind of disappointing if you’re in it for story and lore. But the focus of Destiny 2 has never been about a deep story. Instead, it’s been about the loot.


A sense of pride and accomplishment

destiny 2 warmind

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Along with the new character level cap, there is also a new power level cap. Characters will likely hit the new 345 ‘soft’ cap at the time they reach the end of the campaign. From then on, it’s a grind to the real cap of 385. Both these levels include weapon and armour mod bonuses. There’s new gear to acquire and quests to do as well.


Bungie has warned players that the grind to the new maximum light level will be arduous. Enemies will now be harder to kill, especially if their light level is at a disadvantage. However, it will not lock high level content out from players, instead encouraging them to play in a group for support.


The gameplay changes


With the release of Warmind comes the start of Season 3 as well. This means new loot, including exotic ships, sparrows and guns. Exotic weapons you already own have also gotten buffs of various descriptions. Many will also have mini-quests to improve them even more. However the best buff so far ha to go to Graviton Lance, which turns the game into a purple disco dance of doom.


The core gameplay remains the same; aim, shoot at aliens, create some explosions and use your supers. But it’s how Guardians will interact with everything that will be enhanced.


There is also a new raid lair for six Guardian teams, though that is slated to launch later in the week. New strikes, changes to existing content to make them more challenging, plus exclusive strike loot will hopefully entice more players to ho on the grind.


There are also changes to the way Eververse works. The aim is to increase the pool of stuff, and also reduce repetition in what players get, guaranteeing players will get certain exotic items…eventually.


Graphics and sound

destiny 2 warmind

Image credit – W3 Live News

There have been no major graphical or audio changes to the game with Warmind. Truth be told, the game looks pretty damn good already. Just be prepared for the new lines of dialogue to get real old, real fat as you grind Nightfalls and missions for their loot.



Performance also remains much the same. Warmind runs on Destiny 2 version Some of my clan members reported smother frames, though that might have been just them waking up at 4AM to get on as soon as possible.



Truth be told, this is not a comprehensive review of the Warmind expansion. There are still many things lurking beneath the surface beyond just what we’ve been told. There will likely be secrets to be discovered by Guardians as they explore Mars and the rest of the new content. For now, Warmind seems to be a worthy addition to the Destiny universe, bringing many welcome changes and improvements.


The good:

  • Purple dancing disco of death (Graviton Lance)
  • Exotic weapons feel properly powerful
  • New stuff and new things to do


The meh

  • Still a lot of recycled loot
  • Might be a little repetitive here and there


The bad

  • Grinding might not be for everyone
  • Short campaign
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