Google Event Wrap up – Pixel Smartphone details

Google has brought in its 2016 line of new tech in San Francisco. The new lineup includes the highly awaited Pixel and Pixel XL made its debut today, along with other tech including the Daydream View, Chromecast Ultra, Google Wifi, and Google Home. We’ll be telling you all about Google’s new lineup right here from What the Tech.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL:

Alphabet inc’s Google has finally released the Google Pixel and XL to the general public. As expected, the new phone looks exactly the same as the leaks released by Verizon, Carphone Warehouse, and other major phone retailers. Both have not been built by HTC, although they seem to take multiple design cues from the tech giant. Instead, all the parts are sourced and manufactured by Google. The specs include:

  • a 5-inch 1080p display for the smaller sized Pixel and a 5.5 Quad HD display for the XL
  • A Snapdragon 821 processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32 GB ROM or 128 GB ROM
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Google Assistant
  • 12.3 MP Camera f/2.0, OIS and PDAF
  • Android Nougat 7.0
  • USB-C Fast Charging

The two Pixels come in three colours: black, white, and blue. The phones look amazing and quite durable, as expected of the Nexus line. The performance will expectedly be blazingly fast and smooth, with the 821 processor, 4 GB ram, and stock Android working in union. Google claims they have the best smartphone camera as rated from DXO Mark as 89. The iPhone 7, for comparison scored an 86 by DXO mark. The new camera is bundled with unlimited storages for photos. This camera seems to hold all the right cards, but in real life situations, will it hold up against the iPhone 7 and Galaxy note 7’s fantastic cameras?


Pixel Smartphone Blue




Daydream View Headset:

A step up from the Google Cardboard, the Daydream View is a VR platform that supports any Daydream compatible phone (For now, only the Pixel is compatible). Its body looks much like other competing headsets, except that Google has collaborated with cloth makers to create a warm aesthetic. There is an included controller that slots into a hidden compartment into the viewer itself. The Daydream has been optimised for the Google Pixel, revealing many software tweaks and applications, such as 360 VR, photos, Street View, that can be controlled with the remote. The Daydream View with the included controller will go live in November for $79, a very reasonable price for a headset of this quality. It will also come with three colours, snow, slate and crimson.





Chromecast Ultra:

The Chromecast, a TV accessory that made its debut in 2013, has been updated to the Ultra model. It supports 4k content, HDR, and Dolby Vision. It still plugs into your TV, but now, it conceals an Ethernet port that is integrated into the power adapter. The Chromecast Ultra will be available for preorder in November for $69.




Google Wifi:

Google has finally shown off its new router, Google Wifi. The system is a multi-placement network that lets the user customise the places of the routers around the house in order to experience the fastest and widest coverage. Through an app that will come with the Google Wifi, one can manage the network and control multiple aspects, one of which will appeal to parents: the ability to kick kids off the network. The router will be available for preorder in November for 129$, and three for $299.




Google Home:

Google has shown its initiative to declare a battle against the Amazon Echo, with its own product, which is aptly named Google Home, formerly announced at an I/O in May. It includes Google’s new assistant features and tricks and is also designed much like Google Wifi. It allows users to purchase multiple hubs and unite them in a single, cohesive system. It comes with a six-month trial of YouTube red, and we finally get a price and a release date. Google Home goes for $129, and three for $299, which puts it at an interesting price point compared to the Amazon Echo, which retails for $179. Consumers can start purchasing units in November, and receive an exclusive six-month trial for Youtube Red.





Google, after the Apple launch just one month ago, released a new line of products that will be sure to appeal to the Google/Android purist. However, with many people already attracted to the Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, Amazon Echo, and other gadgets, Google will have to blow people away in order to build up significant names and places for its devices in households.

The Pixel Smartphone will be available in Australia on October 20th.


Written by Luke Choi

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