iKBC F108 Keyboard

iKBC F108 Mechanical Keyboard TL;DR Review

The iKBC F108 Mechanical Keyboard TL;DR Review


The iKBC F108 is a great full sized keyboard. It’s low key, yet customisable. There’s no software to be installed on your computer, and while there are advantages and disadvantages with that aspect of the keyboard, I can recommend it to people wanting to use an RGB keyboard in a tightly controlled office. Outside of use, the keyboard is sturdy, well made and feels of premium quality. If you’re looking for a well built, feature laden full sized mechanical keyboard, the iKBC F108 is one to be recommended.


The Good

  • High quality, sturdy assembly
  • Keys feel great
  • Onboard lighting features for quick adjustment
  • Includes popular alternative keylayouts


The Meh

  • Some keys on review units pinged during heavy typing
  • Not as many LED colour options as some other RGB keyboards with independent software


The Bad

  • There’s not really much to fault it, actually
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