Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial arrives in Australian stores

Microsoft has been hitting great strides with its hardware business. Though the Surface line of products started slowly, especially with the Surface RT, the Surface Pro and the Surface Book has made its mark on the premium portable computer market. The products are powerful, flexible and packed with features. They are pretty expensive though, and a cursory glance at the prices on stores like Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi reveal that you’d need to sell a body part to afford one. Now, the Microsoft Surface Studio is also available. To get one of these, consider selling a firstborn child.



Continuing with the minimalist aesthetic that has brought sales and accolades of the Surface line, the Microsoft Surface Studio is a big screened, good looking all-in-one computer. The Surface Studio comes with a 4.5K touchscreen and a hinge that allows you to move the screen into any angle. Lay the screen anywhere between 20 degrees to the horizontal and completely upright with the hinge. The basic version retails for AU$4,699. For that money, you will get a quad core Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and a graphics processor with 2GB of RAM. You also get 1TB of hybrid SSD/platter disk storage for your money.


Microsoft Surface Studio

Image credit: Gizmodo


The top of the line version of the Microsoft Surface Studio will set you back AU$6,599 and comes with a quad core Core i7 processor. You’ll get 32GB of system of RAM and a 4GB graphics processor. The amount of on board storage doubles to 2TB as well, which is also hybrid in nature. Any of the options available to buyers are powerful computers and will last an incredible amount of time.


Microsoft Surface Studio

The Surface Dial is also available for sale, and promises some incredible ways of working on the Surface Studio. Image credit: The Next Web


Accessories that come with the Microsoft Surface Studio are a Surface Pen, keyboard and mouse, all sharing the Surface design theme. In addition to the Surface Studio, the new Surface Dial, which interacts with the screen of the Studio, is available for the price of AU$149. The dial promises to provide users with new ways of doing work, especially graphics design. The Microsoft Surface Studio and Dial are both available at leading retailers in Australia and New Zealand, including Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi. You can also order one from the official Australian Microsoft Store. Just be prepared to pay a lot of money should you need one.

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  • Posted at 8:09 pm, June 9, 2017

    I think their crazily expensive price is justified because i think Surface studio is a really brilliant desktop computer. I bet many users who wanna buy iMac will have to think twice to pick between Surface Studio or iMac. Both are amazing products.

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