Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo 2DS XL released – larger, cheaper and just as fun

Nintendo must be pretty happy with itself. The Nintendo Switch has had a successful launch and is on track to outsell the Wii U’s entire run in less than a year. This is good news for a company that was betting itself on the Switch, and extra developer support for titles on the new console. Hot on the heels of the Switch, comes a new hand held console. The Nintendo 2DS XL follows in the footsteps of the 3DS in size, but obviously without the capability for displaying 3D imagery. Seems like Nintendo still thinks specialised handheld game devices have a market.


Nintendo 2DS XL

Image credit: WCCFTech


Aimed squarely at a younger audience, the new, larger Nintendo 2DS XL was announced today, ready for a launch into the northern hemisphere summer. Bringing bigger screens in a clamshell design, the 2DS XL has the same essential size and functionality of the 3DS XL, just without the 3D capable display. The new 2DS XL is also coming out in Japan, though it will be know there as the 2DS LL, using the Japanese domestic market naming scheme. Initial launch colours will include a black and turquoise dual colour scheme, with a launch price of US$149.99. Given the exchange rate and the GST, you would be looking at an AU$200 to AU$250 price when it launches in Australia. The Nintendo 2DS XL is going to market on 28 July in the United States.


Nintendo 2DS XL

The current Nintendo 2DS. Image credit: Gamestop


On launch, Nintendo confirmed that the 2DS XL will support two new games: Miitopia and Hey! Pikmin. Both games were already announced prior to the soft launch of the Nintendo 2DS XL, and should be available at about the same time as the device itself. It should also be backwards compatible with older Nintendo games. In the European market, the Nintendo 2DS XL is being launched in July, though there is no firm date set. As for the rest of the world, Nintendo has not yet commented, including for availability in Australia.


The Nintendo 2DS XL is an interesting launch, coming at a time when Nintendo seems to be rising again in its prowess. Being larger and with a flip screen, the Nintendo 2DS XL will no doubt be more expensive than the 2DS that is available in Australia for AU$150. This will be a really interesting addition to the Nintendo portfolio, and is a modern Gameboy that all kids, great and small, can enjoy without any guilt.

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