Oppo R9S

Oppo R9s launches in Australia, preorders open now

Competition is good. It’s even better when there’s a lot of choice for the consumer in a certain market. There’s no hotter competition than the smartphone market, apart from the barbecue market perhaps. In what was a reasonably anticipated move, the Oppo R9S has now launched in Australia with preorders open for eager customers. This is not the first venture in to the Australian market for the Chinese phone manufacturer, as the R9, R9 Plus and the F1 are all available here.


Oppo R9S camera

The Oppo R9S touts an impressive rear 16 megapixel camera.


Oppo is China’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Like many of its competitors, it uses Android as its software base. The Oppo R9S comes with ColorOS3, based on Android 6.0. You’ll find some aspects of the operating system look remarkably like an iPhone’s. Even externally, you’d probably think it was an iPhone, though there are only two colours; black and gold. If you want the stock Android experience, you should look elsewhere, lest you’re willing to fiddle around with flashing ROMs and that sort of thing.


Oppo R9S


In terms of hardware, the Oppo R9S sports a 5.5in Full HD screen. It has front and rear sixteen megapixel cameras, with an f/1.7 aperture at the rear and f/2.0 at the front. The camera sports a rocking new sensor from Sony that promises sublime image quality while the front camera has Screen Flash technology to assist with taking selfies in low light. The phone is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with eight cores, 4GB of RAM including 64GB of expandable storage. It also supports the latest wireless bands.


The Oppo R9S looks like an interesting mid-range phone with some premium features. While it doesn’t have the latest and greatest internals, it does have other quality of ownership benefits like storage, fast charging and decent cameras. You can preorder the Oppo R9S from JB HiFi stores. Carriers who will be adding the Oppo R9S are Woolworths Mobile, Virgin, Vodafone and Optus. The price of the phone is AU$598, which sits squarely in the mid-range for prices.

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