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PC Building Simulator – The WTT Review

For many people, technology is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Computers are one very prevalent example of such confounding technology. Ask someone to build one, and…well. Things can fall apart quite quickly. Sure, there are courses out there, and shops that will do a custom build for a nominal fee. There’s an enthusiastic group of hobbyists who build computers for fun. But this is an expensive hobby, so out comes PC Building Simulator to help alleviate your itchy fingers. It can also teach some who are unfamiliar with the process to ensure they don’t blow up their bits.





Well, I suppose there is a nominal story line. Your uncle has retired and given you his old computer shop. It’s now up to you to build up the business into an RGB disco of success. And…well, that’s pretty much it. It is a simulator, so that’s the pre-text of the game.


There is also a free build mode in the game, but that’s just so that you can practice and go nuts.





PC Building Simulator is essentially a procedural game. There are not many things one needs to do. Remove parts, fit new parts and remove viruses on computers. The jobs become increasingly difficult, but there are still many mundane tasks.


Gameplay is really aimed at teaching you good practice in terms of building a computer, and also maintaining it in good working order. There’s things like scanning for viruses, running test software and even testing to see what specifications are needed for certain games. It’s also going to teach those who might want to build a computer how to select parts that are a good performance match.


Graphics and sound



Unlike our previous game review, PC Building Simulator is not a AAA title. It doesn’t have a huge budget, and sadly the graphics aren’t the best attribute of the game. However, they’re passable, and help to convey what needs to be conveyed.


In the vein of the graphics, the sound isn’t the best either. There’s a bit of repeating music that is probably classified as alright, until it loops just once too many times.


Participating brands

While it might seem to be a cheap exercise in branding, the fact that a lot of big PC building names have lent their real life products to be used in the game. This lends a deal of credibility to the game itself, and ensures that people are able to virtually use the things in a dream build.



The release of PC Building Simulator is another of the recent spate of sim games. Just as there are farming simulators out there, enthusiasts for computer building would enjoy being able to play around with their dream builds. Those who have no idea about building computers can also learn about the process. It’s certainly a welcome addition to Steam.

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