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Bluetooth connectivity issue affecting Pixel and Pixel XL owners finally resolved – no system update required

At first it was a sound distortion bug that were frustrating the owners of Pixel and Pixel XL devices (which reportedly were mostly rectified with the release of a software update), but for just over a month now, hundreds of users have been affected by a particularly annoying Bluetooth bug. For no reason at all Bluetooth would suddenly turn off. After being turned back on it would later just disable again.


Those who rely on the use of Bluetooth on a daily basis, such as hands-free, music, keyboards and mice, file transfers, and internet tethering would be inconvenienced with their Bluetooth connections randomly dropping out at the most annoying times one could imagine.


pixel bluetooth error resolved


Users will now be delighted to hear the good news that Google has fixed this bug that was driving many people crazy. There have been suggestions that Google Play Services may have been the cause of this problem with some Nexus 6P units and even some non-Google devices experiencing the same issues. Courtesy of a server-side change, a Google community manager has now confirmed that the fix has been rolled out – no downloads or updates required. So now your Pixel bluetooth issues should be a thing of the past.


If you are one of the users that has been affected by this bug, we’d love to hear from you on how your Bluetooth connection is now performing.


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