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Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 vs Note 7 – Device Comparison

The Pixel XL has just been introduced by Google just days ago. Now, we’re curious to see how this device will fare against two other flagships: the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy Note 7. Putting the headphone jack and exploding batteries aside, we’ll go through a quick comparison of these three devices. Below, is a chart comparing the technical specifications of the three handhelds.





The winner in this race will most likely be the iPhone 7 Plus. The A10 Fusion chip is ridiculously powerful and efficient, edging over the Snapdragon 820 and 821. Performance, however, could be moderated by the competition between stock Nougat and iOS 10. iOS 10 has been optimised to the hardware that Apple outputs and the same can be said for the Pixel XL and the Note 7, but not to the extent of the Apple standard.


One of the boldest statements that Google made was that the Pixel XL has the best camera in the business. However, Sundar Pichai stated that the Pixel scored higher than the iPhone 7, not the iPhone 7 Plus. The Note 7’s camera (also included in the Galaxy s7 line) is an outstanding camera, with super sharp images, crispy, stabilised video, and clear selfies. It will be interesting to see real world tests between the three cameras (or four in this case).


Pixel XL v iPhone 7

photo by Android Central



The Pixel XL has a 3,450 mAh battery. This contrasts to the Note 7 which packs 3500 mAh of power, and the iPhone 7 Plus brings 2900 mAh. We have to wait and see and test the Pixel XL to grab real times, on-screen times, and standby times.


The Pixel XL comes with multitudes of new features, such as Google Assistant. Nougat 7.0 will be a fresh update. It has been more streamlined, tweaked, and faster, coming up close to Apple’s iOS ecosystem.

Overall, we here at What the Tech feel that the Pixel XL will be solid, performance-killing phone. But it brings nothing new to the table, save the Google Assistant. This phone will most likely only appeal to Android Purists who want the latest and the best hardware on the market.


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Written by Luke Choi


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