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PS4 Elite Controller

Since the release of the Xbox One Elite controller, the internet has been filled with theories that Sony would release a controller to rival the current Xbox One Elite controller.  Until Sony reveals their Controller a third-party manufacturer has decided to rival it themselves. The PS4 Elite controller has been revealed on Targets website, where you are able to pre-order it from. It is currently going for $79.99 with the UK Price TBD.  With it being almost half the price of the Xbox Elite Controller is it going to be a cheaply made product?ps4elite

The people behind this creation have not been listed on the Target website, but within the features it specifies that the paddle can emulate “RB,LB,RT,LT” which are all terms for the Xbox One Controller, as the DualShock uses “R1,R2,L1,L2”. Similar to the Xbox Elite controller it will allow the player to change the function of buttons and control the layout of their game. The paddles on the back are also magnetic which makes them easy to remove and put on. These features allow the user to customise the game controls to their own preferences which can make for a much better experience. The features are listed below:



  • Bluetooth control
  • Rubberized housing for firm grip
  • Compatible with Xbox Elite Controller accessories
  • Charges with included 9’ braided cable
  • Fully customizable buttons and triggers
  • Interchangeable Back Paddles with 2 preset configurations
  • Preset 1: paddles emulate the front buttons
  • Preset 2: paddles emulate RB, LB, RT, and LT.
  • Keep your fingers on the thumb stick while executing intricate moves
  • Magnetic! Easily attach and remove paddles without any tools

ps4-elite-wireless-controller6_0Tell us what you think. Does it look good? Would you enjoy these features? Would you want to buy one? We would love to know, leave a comment below!


Written By: James Shore

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