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Samsung phones reportedly sending pictures to random contacts

In what could be another embarrassing technical issue for Samsung, some of its smartphones are reportedly randomly sending pictures to a user’s contacts. Samsung phones have been known to explode in the past, but if this is really a problem, it might well be a more sinister one. The potential issue first appeared on Reddit and Samsung’s support boards, affecting the Galaxy S9 and Note 8.


Technical issues are inherent in the use of complex and multifunctional devices. However, the random sending of pictures to a user’s contact list is definitely new. What’s worse is that the issue seems to be caused by Samsung’s default messaging app. This managed to send images and texts to random contacts on the device. However, there was no record that the message was sent at all.


One Samsung phone owner stated on Reddit that his phone sent his photo library to his girlfriend in the middle of the night. There was no evidence in his Samsung Messages app that the messages had been sent. However, the messages did show up on his bill. The Samsung phone’s owner also confirmed that his photo library was not shared at the time.


Many of the complaints seem to be from people who are customers of T-Mobile. The potential cause of the issue is T-Mobile’s upgrade to Rich Communications Services (RCS). RCS is supposed to add texting features like group chat, video and GIF support. Users can even share locations and files through the carrier.


Samsung has acknowledged the concerns of its users in a statement. A spokesman has said that “(we) are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it. Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.” On the other hand, T-Mobile has denied it has anything to do with the issue, and directed concerned users to contact Samsung direct.


Users of Samsung phones who are concerned about this issuing affecting them should (in the interim) change Samsung Message’s permission to access storage so that it cannot send files. It is also possible to change to another messaging app and make that the default. Hopefully, whatever the issue might be, it gets resolved soon.

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