South Australia enters Federal Tech Export Program

South Australia enters Federal Tech Export Program

South Australian software company, Connexion Systems has become the first local business to land a spot in a federal program to help tech companies bring their products to global technology markets.

Located in Adelaide, Connexion Systems will take part in AusTrade’s Landing Pad program next week in San Francisco. The program involves a 90-day residency to assist Connexion Systems in establishing an office in the United States.

The Landing Pad program was initiated by the Turnbull Government as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda. To date 206 Australian businesses have been a part of the program, however, Connexion Systems is the fist from South Australia to secure a spot.

Connexion Systems’ developed the software ‘Amplify’ which is a strategic execution management platform. The software allows companies to continually monitior and measure the value of their strategic changes, adjust forecasts and refine based on the results.

Connexion Systems has been booming as of late, signing their first American customers, General Electric and Pfizer just last year. Now they are setting up a space in the United States in order to have a better shot at the Strategy Execution Management Software market which is predicted to be worth US $400 million by the year 2020.

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