The Top 4 Features to Look Out When Buying Headphones

The Top 4 Features to Look Out When Buying Headphones

Regardless if you need them for work, your daily commute or aiding you in your exercise, quality headphones are a must-have in 2017. Still, a surprisingly large number of people still have no clue on how to choose headphones, save from their physical appearance. In order to help you out with this at least a bit, here are top four features you should look for when buying headphones.


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The Type

The first thing you want to look for is the type of headphones you want to buy and this is something that you can see with your bare eye. When it comes to this, there are three major types A) in-ear, B) on-ear and C) full-size headphones.

  1. The advantage of the in-ear headphones is that they are lightweight, compact and the fact that they go well with accessories like hats or earrings. Their downside is the fact that they usually offer a bit lower quality of sound and a fact that they are quite uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged period of time.
  2. The on-ear headphones are similar to their in-ear counterparts, with the greatest advantage of being a bit more comfortable. Unfortunately, they are much less effective as a noise isolation.
  3. Finally, full-size headphones offer by far the best for sound quality and are quite comfortable but they are bulky and not as portable.
  4. Finally, there are Bluetooth headphones which come in any of these forms. The advantage is that they are portable, dont get tangled, have great sound quality and don’t fall out of your ears as easily. The downside is they are battery operated, can have connection issues and depending on the type are easy to lose.


The Brand

Another thing you could look at when buying headphones is the brand. Sure, in some industries, this would be nothing more than a vanity metric, but here, choosing a brand that is out there for more than half a century serves as an assurance of quality. For instance, AKG headphones have been huge in this industry since their foundation in 1947, which makes them a solid choice and are the default company for headphones that come with your Samsung device. Same goes for other giants of the industry such as Sony or Panasonic. Additionally, you have industry leaders in sound development such as Sennheiser and Bose that consistently change up the game. Depending on whether you are an audiophile or want your headphones for their style (cough Beats product placement here cough), your brand choice makes a difference. Also pay attention to price, in the headphone game, the price is definitely a good indicator to a certain extent as to quality of sound. 




Cord or cordless

The next thing you could pay a closer look at is the shape of the cord. Here, you have two major types: The J and the Y. As their name suggests, a Y-type has cords attached to both earbuds, while the J-type does this with only one. It is, however, important to mention that this feature mostly comes down to one’s preference and as such has no great impact on functionality. On the other hand, some headphones operate on a wireless technology, which means that they avoid using a cord in the first place. Nonetheless, they still have a battery-powered receiver that makes such a thing possible. While this kind of headphones seems much more convenient to carry around, it also increases the risk of losing this them altogether (looking at you Airpods). Not to mention you are limited to the life of the battery inside the particular set of headphones. 


Noise canceling

Regardless of what you need these headphones for, it is vital that you pay attention to their ability to cancel out outside noise. In this way, you get a much greater sound quality and a better immersion into whatever you are currently listening. For those who primarily use headphones on a public transportation, this will greatly help you relax, while to those who prefer using them for work, they will enhance your ability to focus. Needless to say, both of these go great for gaming headphones. On the other hand, make sure if you are crossing a road to pay attention…


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Of course, these are far from being the only features you should be interested in when buying headphones. You can also look for how comfortable they appear, are they compatible with mobile phones and MP3 players (although most of them are), as well as do they have a button for answering calls. Sure, making a mistake on this field isn’t catastrophic, seeing how you will get to own numerous headphone sets in your time. Still, the more time you dedicate researching prior to the purchase, the more you will get to enjoy them later on.



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