Varmilo VA68M TL;DR

Varmilo VA68M TL;DR Mechanical Keyboard Review


Varmilo VA68M TL;DR Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Varmilo VA68M is a beautiful keyboard. It’s solid, a pleasure to use and full of quality. It’s not got the full gamut of RGB lights (though there is an even more expensive version that does), but what it has is timeless elegance. Yeah, I said it, the keyboard is elegant. In the same way that Audrey Hepburn is elegant and timeless. However, this keyboard will cost a lot of money. It’s not for the faint of heart at all. But what you will get is a solid companion for your troubles. Much like a Labrador, but with a lot less drool.


Varmilo VA68M


The Good

  • Very sturdy due to the full aluminium frame
  • Small and relatively light
  • Excellent default keycaps
  • Wonderful typing experience
  • Perfectly mobile, for those on the go

The Meh

  • Takes a little while to remember that the bottom right most key is an arrow, not the familiar Enter

The Bad

  • Your wallet will cry when you buy this, due to the aluminium frame.
  • There’s no wrist rest
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