Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine early access – TL;DR review


Wallpaper Engine is cheap, simple and gives users something to do with their desktop backgrounds other than stick a static image up, however nice it might be.¬†You can purchase Wallpaper Engine from Steam for US$3.99. It’s in early access and therefore still subject to the usual warnings about paying to participate in beta programs. But, for this kind of functionality and plain simple ease of use, why the hell not?


The Good

  • Cheap
  • Great functionality
  • Flexible
  • Doesn’t impact on performance much


The Meh

  • Steam Early Access, looks like it needs a bit more work


The Bad (This is NSFW Bad)

  • Wallpaper Engine’s Steam Workshop seems to be bloated with ecchi anime girls
  • Seems to have an audio bug where it might stuff up game sounds
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