Meizu Zero Smartphone

World’s First Seamless Phone? Meizu unveils curious new device

For those of you unaware, Meizu is a rising smartphone company based in Zhuhai China. Compared to other Chinese smartphone companies, it had flew under the radar in 2018 and is still not very well known in the West. However, it seems that may be about to change with the announcement of their new concept phone, the ‘Zero’.

This device does not have any openings. Whatsoever. No ‘holes’, no buttons, no charging port, no speaker grilles/holes, not even a SIM card slot.

So how does the company plan to release a phone missing so many crucial components? Well firstly, instead of the traditional buttons we have all grown used to on handsets, the sides of the phone will contain touch-sensitive panels that when pressed firmly will activate using haptic feedback. This is similar to the on-screen home button on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

Further, the speakers will be replaced with a piezoelectric transducer underneath the screen. This will produce sound through the display using vibrations. Xiaomi used this same technology with the original Mi Mix, however, Meizu claims the sound quality has been improved dramatically.

In regard to charging, as many of you have probably guessed, the phone will charge using wireless charging only. Meizu claims the Zero can support wireless charging up to an 18w output. Most handsets charge at 10w with the current leader being 15w (Huawei).

Meizu announces seamless smartphone

The sim card will be replaced with e-Sim technology. This is somewhat concerning as many carriers do not yet support e-Sim technology and e-Sim does suffer from the inability to swaps sim’s between phones with ease.

The device will come with an OLED display, in-display fingerprint reader, has a duel camera setup and will function on the Snapdragon 845 processor. It is rumoured that Vivo will be releasing something similar at this years Mobile World Congress.

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