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WTT Long Weekend News – Computex 2018 Edition

Thanks to being a constitutional monarchy, most Australians had a day off to celebrate the (fake) birthday of Queen Elizabeth 2. That didn’t stop us from working on a long weekend to summarise the best technology news items in this WTT Long Weekend News wrap.


WTT Long Weekend News – Intel launches i7-8086K

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Intel loves pulling marketing stunts. Just ask the guys who noticed the company’s not very honest teaser for a 28 core 5GHz processor. It’s estimated 1200W of power is required just to make it work.


However, in a slightly less stunt-like manner, a real product was released; the i7-8086K. It’s a special 50th anniversary chip, celebrating the first 8086 CPU. In essence, it’s an i7-8700K with a 300MHz bump in clock speeds. These are just binned chips, so Intel hasn’t tweaked them otherwise. Interested? There are only 50,000 being made.


WTT Long Weekend News – Lian Li launches an…RGB cable

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We’ll admit that the RGB craze has merit. But it has never made your computer go any faster, as much as we wish it would. Lian Li is known for premium and built-like-tanks aluminium cases for business and home use. It’s changed tack slightly, and has moved into the glass and steel materials.


It’s now made a move into a new market: RGB power cables. Presumably, more RGB power will come to your other cables soon. Gotta admit, it does look lit.


WTT Long Weekend News – Snapdragon 850 for Windows teased

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Qualcomm and Microsoft are pushing forward with a way for Windows to run on ARM processors. Initially, it was thought that the software could run adequately well on last year’s hot chip, the Snapdragon 835. However, the lack of products suggests the user experience wasn’t great.


Qualcomm has released a special version of the Snapdragon 845, the 850, which is specifically designed to run Windows and its apps. When product comes out, it will be interesting to see how it performs against an x86 device.


WTT Long Weekend News – Blackberry KEY2 launched



Blackberry continues to work its niche of Android phones with special apps with high security leveraging Blackberry’s expertise in secure communications. Last year’s KEYone was the best of a lacklustre selection. Blackberry knows that the KEYone was a good thing, and it’s now looking to released a KEY2 successor.


Looks interesting nonetheless, physical keyboard with a fiddled version of Android. Will this device rekindle your interest in Blackberry devices?

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