WTT’s Apple WWDC 2018 Roundup

Apple’s annual World Wide Developers’ Conference is the event if you’re into Apple’s software zoo. We say zoo because you’re locked in. It’s alright, we know some people like that. WWDC is where Apple makes it known to the world all of its upcoming software and features. So without further ado, here’s the big news from WWDC 2018.


WWDC 2018 – iOS12

wwdc 2018

Image credit – CNet


iPhone  and iPad customers will get the next version of iOS in the coming months. The latest iteration will include many new augmented reality features. One way of utilising this function is in measuring things with your screen and planning a virtual ruler on top of the object. Users will no longer need to use the Mr Bean Maneuver to measure things, though it will probably be just as accurate.


Sharing things will also see improvements. To be honest, this is a function that many operating systems could improve upon. It can be jarring running to and from apps when sharing, and app support for certain features do vary. This is especially the case for mobile operating systems.


wwdc 2018

Here’s a news update, this has been around for ages, and you’re just adding this now? Image credit – Macworld


Apple is also adding better notifications functions into iOS12. This has also been a sore point when viewed against Android. Further,  a new shortcuts feature will be included. This allows Siri to do things like ordering a specific coffee every morning. Think of it as expanding upon the favourite contacts list in your phonebook.


Other great additions include Group Facetime, where you can talk and stare at up to 31 other people at once. Imagine just how big you guys would look on screen.


We expect iOS12 to debut on the iPhone 9, 9 Plus and whatever Apple decides to call the second coming of the iPhone Ecks.


WWDC 2018 – macOS 14

wwdc 2018

Here’s another news alert. This has been done before… Image credit – 9to5mac


WWDC 2018 wouldn’t be complete without an announcement about the next version of macOS. The favourite operating system of five per cent of the world, the next version will be called Mojave. Yes, Apple has named their operating system after a big empty desert. Is this a sign of things to come for desktop Apple afficionados?


As reported earlier this week, Mojave will feature a new dark mode, catching up to pretty much every other operating system. Redesigned apps and a refreshed App Store experience will help users get more out of their computer. The App Store will take many cues from the iOS App Store, so expect the interfaces to be similar.




Developers can now port their iOS apps into the App Store. Unlike Microsoft, Apple has pledged to keep the code base for their two operating systems separate. This means that there will likely need to be extra work involved in making sure ported apps work as intended across multiple operating systems. Fun.


You can experience Mojave later this year, likely to be when Apple refreshes it’s computer lineup. This should be at the same time as the launch of the next iPhone range.

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