Amazon Australia has launched and it’s…

Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia has launched and it’s…

Quite something. We’re just not sure what. Amazon Australia’s launch has been anticipated for a while now. Of course, we acknowledge that Amazon has been in Australia in some small form, having native book sales at its Amazon Australia website for some time now. The difference now? It has finally decided to import an impressive array of products Down Under.


So the big question is whether Amazon’s Australian adventure will actually bring competition for retail, or whether it will just become another big, but ultimately virtual, department store?


Amazon Australia

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For its launch, Amazon Australia promised “millions of products” will be on offer from day one. And while What The Tech hasn’t broken out the counter of products (after all, the cricket’s on), the variety of things to buy might give people ideas about Christmas presents. On the other hand, people will certainly need to consider one other important factor: price.


Much criticism has been heaped towards large retailers in Australia like Hardly Normal Harvey Norman, Myer and David Joneses. A lot has been said and repeated about their pricing, lack of innovation and reluctance to join in on the internet shopping trend when it began some years ago. Though many have competent online sales capacity, most retailers still want to have customers in their stores.


Amazon Australia

Maybe when Amazon brings its full guns to bear, it might be something. Image credit – Wired


However, customers hoping that Amazon’s Aussie launch will spur a heap of cheap stuff (or cheaper stuff anyway) might need to wait a while longer. Examinations of products, both large and small, show that prices are essentially comparable with what’s on offer now from other choices. There are bargains to be had, but be aware that the brands are unrecognised. They’re cheap for a reason.


Sadly, those looking for new smartphones ought to keep looking elsewhere. Like Kogan maybe.


Native retailers will be rejoicing, at least in the short term, that Amazon’s Australian launch has not seen the beginning of a price war. What it might end up resulting in will be interesting to see. For the moment, retailers have surely breathed a sigh of relief and Australia’s consumers are probably a little disappointed.

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