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AMD Ryzen 2 available as of this week

AMD has been celebrating a resurgence in its processor fortunes. Where there was absolutely no interest, aside from low-end systems, now it has a full ecosystem again. It’s been a long road back to high performance and competitiveness. Now just on one year old, and having an interesting couple of months, the Zen architecture has shown it can keep up with Intel. AMD is about to release Ryzen 2, the 2000 series, to cement its place as a credible alternative.


Ryzen 2


Code-named Pinnacle Ridge, the second generation of Ryzen processors is a mild technical refresh of the original. There are four processors in the initial line-up:


Model Core/Thread count Clock/Turbo Frequency (GHz) TDP (W) Price (USD)
R7 2700X 8/16 3.7/4.3 105 $329
R7 2700 8/16 3.2/4.1 65 $299
R5 2600X 6/12 3.6/4.2 95 $229
R5 2600 6/12 3.4/3.9 65 $199


All four processors come paired with coolers. Both the Ryzen 2 R7 models have LED lit coolers. Availability of the new processors will be 19 April 2018. Eager customers can already pre-order their chips in the United States for the prices listed above. However, there’s no indication yet what the prices might be in Australia. Don’t expect the prices to stray too far from what they are currently for the equivalent first generation CPUs.


Fake Ryzen


Just note that if you’re hunting around for a bargain, first generation Ryzen chips and motherboards are being bundled for stock clearance right now. Indications are that Ryzen 2 will be a minor refresh of the architecture, with minimal performance increases. From preview and leaked reviews, it seems that the frequencies being attained by the newer chips is only 200-300MHz above the first generation CPUs.


Alongside the release of the new CPUs, AMD and its partners have also cooked up some new motherboards for Ryzen 2. The new 400 series motherboards are designed to take advantage of the new CPUs with improved power delivery and RAM compatibility.


The latest entrant into the performance CPU market should give people a lot of choice. AMD’s Ryzen 2 looks to be a decent improvement over the original. And the prices are reasonable to a fault. If you need more performance, AMD has promised to refresh its Threadripper CPUs later this year, which should sport similar improvements to this release.

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