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Google Pixel Watch rumoured to be coming

Reference designs are generally kind of lacklustre. Seriously, think of a mid 1990s Toyota Camry and imagine having to commute in one of those. To be fair, there are some fantastic reference designs of things. Microsoft Surface comes to mind, along with Nvidia and AMD’s graphics cards. Google is also good with reference phone designs for Android. First it was Nexus, now it’s Pixel. In 2018, Google is rumoured to be relaxing a Pixel Watch to complement it’s phones.


google pixel watch

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The Pixel phone line is now on to its second generation. It challenges the other OEMs to do better with their software and hardware. As we draw closer to the period when tech product launched gather pace, we are wondering what Google has in store. Aside from a new release of Android (P – for pavlova maybe?), we are also expecting a Pixel 3. This should of course pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and some fantastic camera equipment. it should also ship with the newest version of Android.


A leak from the maestro of tech leaks – Mr Evan Blass – suggests we should be expecting a Google Pixel Watch, or even a series of them to make its way on to the market this year.


A Pixel Watch would be interesting. It would effectively be a reference design for Google’s WearOS (formerly Android Wear). It is also likely to come equipped with the first of Qualcomm’s system-on-chips specifically designed for smartwatches. The market for wearable technology isn’t growing by leaps and bounds, but it’s still a fiercely competitive battleground. If Google can use the Pixel Watch to showcase the capabilities of Wear OS, it would spur its OEM partners into doing more as well.


It seems like the main objective for Google in this space is to produce a competitor to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch comes asks for a premium price tag, and Google would surely want a slice of that pie with a Pixel Watch. Now that its Pixels are seen as some of the best phones around, it would want to cash in on its brand image with the public.

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