coffee lake cpu

Intel Coffee Lake CPU release imminent

So, who put down good money for a brand spanking new Kabylake CPU in the last seven months? Well, you might be a little bit unhappy with the news today that Intel plans on releasing its next bunch of processors in less than two weeks. And it won’t even support current motherboards. The Coffee Lake CPU product line was originally slated for release early next year. However, it appears that Intel has had to move up its release schedule a little bit.


Intel is in a little bit of product trouble. Its recently released Kablake-X and Skylake-X chips have had quite a lot of criticism aimed at it. Mainly because of the fact the platform seemed disjointed and released in a hurry. It was a real mish-mash. I’ll let Linus explain all that for you.


coffee lake cpu

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But no matter what, Intel still needs to sell normal consumer grade products, and its Kabylake products are simply not able to hold against the Ryzen performance-per-dollar onslaught. Intel’s only solution is to double down on releasing new products, and Coffee Lake is its answer. Dubbed the Core 8000 series, speculation has been rife about how Intel would respond to AMD’s multicore products.


A recent leak pointed towards Coffe Lake Core i3 chips moving to quad cores without Hyperthreading. Core i5 chips will either be quad cores with Hyperthreading or have six cores without Hyperthreading. It’s unknown what the Coffee Lake Core i7 chips will look like, but it could be that these are six cores with Hyperthreading.


coffee lake cpu

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Intel has been talking about rather large performance increases in SYSmark, up to 30 percent. However, this is likely to be more related to laptops and tablets. The Coffee Lake CPU line is a refresh of Intel’s current manufacturing process. It’s doubtful that the desktop processors will see much improvement in terms of performance, aside from gains from frequency.


Intel plans to launch the new chips on 21 August. But hold on to your wallets. The product many enthusiasts have been waiting for is Cannonlake, Intel’s first foray into 10nm CPU technology. It’s been delayed due to difficulties with the manufacturing process, hence the release of Kabylake and Coffee Lake. Will you be able to wait?

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