Intel Core i9 processors and other weekend news

Intel Core i9

Intel Core i9 processors and other weekend news

Intel Core i9 processor leaks


It looks like moves are afoot at Intel. A proper response from the chip manufacturing giant to AMD’s Ryzen processors has been expected, a leak obtained by Videocardz points us towards moar cores with the Intel Core i9 processors. The top of the line processor, according to the leak, is the Intel Core i9-7920K with twelve cores and 24 threads. The CPU will also have 16.6MB of total cache and 44 PCI-Express lanes. It’s unknown what the turbo frequencies of the chip will be, but it looks to be launching in August.


Further down the product pile are the ten core i9-700K, eight core i9-7820K and six core i9-7800K. There will also be four core processors. These are presumably the Skylake-X and Kabylake-X processors that will form Intel’s latest High Performance Desktop processor line.


Ransomware causes havoc in Europe


A global ransomeware attack named WannaCry has hit government infrastructure, particularly in the United Kingdom. Believed to be done using tools created by the National Security Agency (NSA), and released by a shadow broker, the hack seems to have affected computers that had not been updated and patched against the security patch.


While most people’s personal computers were already safe, a lot of computers on networks that are using legacy software, including Windows XP. The fact that Windows XP is still being used fourteen years after its initial release is astounding. Especially since Microsoft has stopped support of the operating system for some time now. It even had to issue an emergency patch for Windows XP to help stem the tide. There’s still no word on who is actually responsible for the attacks.


Microsoft reveals more about Windows 10’s next feature update


Microsoft has revealed more about its Fall Creator’s Update during its Build Developers Conference. Not the most inventive of names, sure, but at the end of the day, it isn’t our job to come up with smart names for products. One of the biggest features is Timeline, which tracks and keeps a tab on things you’ve been doing on your computer. Not nefariously, it’s so that you can go back to older versions of files if something goes drastically wrong. It’s a bit like Apple’s Time Machine. Think of it as an advanced version of backing up.


Windows 10 will also be getting a new design language called Fluent Design. It appears to be making a move back from the completely flat design language that Windows 10 was originally built upon, and back to something that resembles the skeumorphic design of iOS up to version six.


Windows 10 on ARM demonstrated

Microsoft also demonstrated how legacy x86 programs would run on ARM processors in a video. It purported to show that x86 programs running in the emulation layer was performing similarly to what you would expect on normal Windows. This bodes well developments of Windows, as Microsoft fights for ways to penetrate into the mobile market. Perhaps this will be the final catalyst required for a Surface Phone?


AMD RX Vega announcement imminent?


AMD has confirmed that it will be holding a major news conference at Computex this year. Could this be where more details and information about its upcoming Vega high performance graphics architecture gets released? Fans and technology buffs alike are eagerly anticipating the release of these graphics cards. Most are wondering whether it will match or outperform nVidia’s Pascal graphics cards. Given nVidia will presumably be releasing its latest and greatest, codenamed Volta, AMD is playing a game of catchup in this segment of the market.

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