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Intel i9 CPUs coming to a laptop near you soon

Have you ever sat down one day and thought that an Intel i7 just wasn’t enough for a laptop? You need more…POWAAAAH! Obviously, somebody else has had those thoughts. Intel specifically. Yesterday, it announced that new Intel i9 and i7 CPUs were coming to laptops with six cores of processing power at up to 45W consumption. It also announced some other, less powerful, products coming to mobile devices too.


intel i9 mobile cpus


The Intel Core i9 branding is a new thing, coming in the last year or so with its latest High End Desktop line of chips with up to 18 cores and power consumption like you’ll never believe. The laptops versions will hopefully be a little more controlled. The headline CPU, the Intel i9 8950K has six cores and twelve threads with a maximum turbo boost of 4.8GHz. Of course, that speed is likely for a single core running full tilt rather than all of them together.


The Intel i9 8950K is claimed to have up to 29 per cent better performance overall compared with an Kaby Lake (7th generation) i7 mobile CPU. It will also play games up to 41 per cent faster and edit 4K video nearly 60 per cent faster. That shouldn’t be surprising, considering there are half as many cores and threads as the i7s could muster.


intel i9 mobile cpus


While there are integrated graphics units on these new Intel i9s, nobody would actually want to use those bits. No, for that kind of performance, you’d want to mate a proper graphics card to it. These CPUs are aimed at a flagship laptop, units that can be mobile gaming powerhouses with discrete Nvidia (most likely) or AMD graphics cards incorporated into the laptop. The laptops wouldn’t be cheap or light either.


Just hours after speculation arose that Intel might be dumped by Apple (it’s me, not you), Intel announced some proper news. These new mobile CPUs from Intel look impressive and could be the next in the scramble for market supremacy. Are you excited for the new kit?

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