Intel Skylake-X specs finalised and released to public

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Intel Skylake-X specs finalised and released to public

We all knew that Intel wouldn’t let AMD take the CPU performance crown from it. On paper, the new Skylake-X processors look to be faster, more cores, potentially more frequency and even integrated graphics. There was also one thing that Intel would never ever take away from AMD, having the most expensive consumer grade processor around. So what’s the full story with Intel’s Skylake-X processors? Let’s find out.



Some of these gaps have finally been filled by Intel. Image credit – Intel


Skylake-X is split up into two groups of products. CPUs up to eight physical cores and sixteen threads are termed Core i7s. Above that, Intel has created a new Core i9 designation. However, the top Core i9 processors have never had a full set of specifications. Until now. Intel has released the rest of the important information for Skylake-X.


To begin with, the i9-7980XE will have eighteen cores and 36 threads. We knew that already. We also knew that this processor could run up to 44 PCI Express lanes, and support quad channel memory. RAM would run up to a maximum of 2666MHz. Now, Intel has confirmed that the processor has a base clock of 2.6GHz and a multi-core turbo of 4.2GHz. On a single preferred core, the chip can run up to 4.4GHz, while consuming up to 165W.


The price for all this processing power? US$1,999. In Australia, you could be looking at a price of more than AU$2,500. That’s before you include the price of a motherboard that can run this thing.



Image credit – Intel


The CPUs in the Skylake-X stack below this monster are also suitably expensive. The sixteen core i9-7960X costs US$1,699, the fourteen core i9-7940X US$1,399 and the i9-7920X costs US$1,199. All of their maximum single core turbo speeds are 4.4GHz, with a multi-core turbo speed of 4.3GHz. All the Core i9 processors, including the i9-7900X support 44 PCI Express lanes.


If you’re interested, Intel promises that the new Skylake-X processors will be available at retail from 28 August for the 12 core i9-7920X. If you want something a bit meatier and more expensive, you’ll have to wait until 25 September this year to empty you wallet. And I mean truly empty your wallet. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with AMD’s Threadrippers. For half the price. Won’t it be interesting to see just how these massive CPUs fare against each other when the benchmarks arrive?

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