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More Ryzen 2 chips coming suggested by leak

AMD might have launched the main thrust of its second generation of Ryzen CPUs about two weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean the product onslaught has finished. We know that AMD plans on launching a second round of its Threadripper super-CPUs. However, a leak obtained by Videocardz shows that there might be even more Ryzen 2 processors incoming to continue the battle for market share. These CPUs are there to address some gaps in the product range.


ryzen 2


There has been two waves of Ryzen 2 CPUs so far. The first was a relatively low key round of processors with integrated Radeon graphics. They were well received, but they were low end parts for lower end computers. The higher-end parts, including the flagship R7 2700X were released late last month to good reviews.


There has been a leak that suggests there are even more Ryzen 2 CPUs on the way. To bridge certain gaps in the market, there appears to be the R3 2100, R3 2300X and the R5 2500X. These CPUs would be four core chips with no integrated graphics. It remains unclear whether the R5 2500X will be a four core with simultaneous multithreading (SMT).


ryzen 2

Image credit – Anandtech


In the mobile space, there look to be three more Ryzen 2 processors. There’s the R3 2000U, R5 2600U and the R7 2800U. These numerical designations look to be indicative of their overall performance against the Intel competition. Given there might be an R7 2800U, it remains to be seen whether a desktop version will also be released soon.


For those needing high performance, Ryzen 2 will also come with the second iteration of Threadripper. Again, the leak suggests there will be three parts, starting with the 2900X and going up to the 2950X. Expect these to retain the same core counts as the original Threadrippers, but with the slight performance increase from the first generation.


With more Ryzen 2 products seemingly on the way, AMD could capitalise further on the success they’ve been achieving so far. This might also spur Intel to release whatever it has up its sleeve (ninth generation) as soon as possible. 2018 will surely be another interesting year in the battle for CPU superiority.

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