Net Neutrality – why you must care

Net neutrality

Net Neutrality – why you must care

If you have any form of internet, you have heard about the “battle for the net” going on in the United States. Maybe you don’t live in America, or you just don’t know what net neutrality is. You might not care about the push to eliminate it, but you definitely should. Regardless of where you live, how little you use the internet, the elimination of the neutrality of the internet will affect you.


net neutrality

Yes, eliminating net neutrality will just line the pockets of the big ISPs. Do you want to pay extra for what should remain an open and free internet? Image credit – Nerd Reactor


Net neutrality is fantastic. The reason your internet plan doesn’t include what websites you can visit is because of this policy. At its very core, a neutral internet prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from charging you extra to visit certain websites. Imagine that when you wanted to pick a new internet plan, you also had to pick what websites you had access to. If you live in the United States, that means without net neutrality you will be paying more for your internet, regardless of what ISPs promise.


“I don’t live in the U.S, and net neutrality won’t effect me” runs through a lot of peoples minds when hearing about it. The outcome of this battle will affect you no matter what. If net neutrality is repealed, a trend will be set for other countries. ISPs will see a possibility for a world in which they have more power over normal people and their access to the internet.


net neutrality

Image credit – ABC News


You might ask what should if you want to fight effectively for net neutrality, but do it with a minimum of effort and fuss? There are a few things you can do to send a message to your government representatives without much work. However, just remember that, for now, this is an American fight. The best thing you can do is text resist bot. To easily and quickly send and email or message to your senator, text “resist” to 504-09. This is a bot that will walk you through emailing a representative from your state. You won’t even have to leave your text messages. You can also send an email or phone message to your senator (which you can find here). If enough people do this, the senators that vote for net neutrality will get the message that it needs to stick around.


Net neutrality is important. No matter where you live, you should care.

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