Lume Cube Review WTT

We recently received the Lume Cube, the next Kickstarter project hoping to take the world by storm. What is it? It is practically in the name, it is a cube, that is a light. It is that simple. But this simple little light packs one hell of a punch.   The Lume

Steam phone VR

My experience with playing games from my Steam account with phone VR games was optimistically decent. It took a lot of setting up for, well, not a whole lot of results. For those wondering, you can play VR games using your phone. I used two programs to do this: Riftcat

Varmilo VA68M TL;DR

  Varmilo VA68M TL;DR Mechanical Keyboard Review The Varmilo VA68M is a beautiful keyboard. It's solid, a pleasure to use and full of quality. It's not got the full gamut of RGB lights (though there is an even more expensive version that does), but what it has is timeless elegance. Yeah, I said

Varmilo VA68M mechanical keyboard

Introduction If you're not a dedicated fan of mechanical keyboards, then Varmilo might make you think somebody just made an experimental new ice-cream flavour. But it's not. In fact, Varmilo is one of the most well known names in the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards. It's a Taiwanese company that builds high

iKBC F108 Keyboard

The iKBC F108 Mechanical Keyboard TL;DR Review   The iKBC F108 is a great full sized keyboard. It's low key, yet customisable. There's no software to be installed on your computer, and while there are advantages and disadvantages with that aspect of the keyboard, I can recommend it to people wanting to use

iKBC F108 keyboard

Introduction Mechanical keyboards have become the new fashion statement in PC gaming. Yes I know that RGB lighting is also a new "it thing", but keyboards are actually practical additions to your desktop. They're supposed to be anyway. Besides, some keyboards can RGB with the best of them. Today, I'll be looking at

Wallpaper Engine

I sit here writing a review on software that allows me to watch the Game of Thrones intro sequence on my computer. Now you may ask, why am I doing such a thing? I mean, media players are boring, and there's really not much choice in terms of good ones apart

The Logitech G602 review

The Logitech G602: Logitech is one of the most reliable companies regarding peripherals. The Logitech G602 low-lag mouse is no different. The model is not new but currently, you can get it half price for $39.99 on Amazon so we thought it worth reviewing. However, whether it can live up to

CM Storm Quickfire TK

The CM Storm Quickfire TK Coolermaster is a company that needs no introduction to PC enthusiasts out there. They have many fingers in many pies and is one of the most trusted brands and established brands. With peripherals, Coolermaster has established a reputation for understated quality mechanical keyboards with their Masterkeys series.

Blu Life One X2

Not too long ago, we wrote and released our overview of the BLU Life One X2 before it was officially released. It was purely a review of what we were told and not necessarily how any of that would function in real life day to day use. However, we have

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition (1)

The Razer Mamba Tournament Edition: The Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is a gaming mouse by Razer, released in 2015 for the esport players. It comes with 8 programmable buttons, Chroma, and is supported by Razer Synapse 2.0 and above. The mouse comes in at $75 US, (100 AUD, 56 £) and


By now, you’ve probably heard of Overwatch, seeing as it has been out quite a few months. However, in those short few months, it’s had hero balancing, a new map and hero, as well as  Competitive Season 2, in addition to the hundreds of bugs fixed.   Graphics and Audio: First of all,