AMD Ryzen pro APU with Vega M

Ryzen Pro second generation chips launched

I was once told that hard work and persistence always pays off. It might not be an immediate sort of payoff, but you will eventually get the success you are seeking. It certainly seems that mantra has been working out well for AMD lately. It has launched the second generation of what it calls its Ryzen Pro CPUs. They are not normal Ryzen chips. Rather, they come equipped with onboard graphics, which enable a single system to be run just off that hardware. These CPUs are aimed squarely at the corporate desktop solutions, plus mobile and all-in-one home computers.


ryzen pro

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The first generation of Ryzen Pro CPUs were launched quietly last year alongside the Ryzen 1000 series. Lacking an integrated graphics processor meant that uptake by its target market would have been limited. However, the second generation of these CPUs do come with integrated graphics, and additional security features. They follow in trend set by the Ryzen 2000G series, which come with cut down Vega graphics units onboard.


There are seven chips in all, four for desktop computers and three for mobile devices:


Name Cores/Threads Maximum CPU Clockspeed (GHz) GPU Compute Units GPU Clockspeed (GHz) Power (W)
Desktop processors
R5 PRO 2400G 4/8 3.9 11 1.25 65
R5 PRO 2200G 4/4 3.7 8 1.1 65
R5 PRO 2400GE 4/8 3.8 11 1.25 35
R5 PRO 2200GE 4/4 3.6 8 1.1 35
Mobile processors
R7 PRO 2700U 4/8 3.8 10 1.3 15
R5 PRO 2500U 4/8 3.6 8 1.1 15
R3 PRO 2300U 4/4 3.4 6 1.1 15


There’s no official word on what the prices of these CPUs will be just yet. However, their performance is a known quantity and look to be quite competitive overall. If you were looking at decent graphics processing and gaming performance, then the Ryzen Pros would certainly beat Intel’s offerings.


ryzen pro

Image credit – AMD


The choices available in the all-in-one home desktop, corporate desktop and laptop market have just increased with these new CPUs. Launch products featuring the new Ryzen Pro chips will be coming from the usual big name OEMs; Dell, HP and Lenovo. There will be a selection of both mobile and desktop computer solutions for the customer’s every need.

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