Vodafone NBN plans announced

Vodafone NBN

Vodafone NBN plans announced

Vodafone in Australia is known for Vodafail some years ago, and as the third of the major mobile telecommunications companies. It’s also known to for great value and its big red stores. With the continuing – delayed, slow, troubled – rollout of Australia’s National Broadband Network, an announcement of Vodafone NBN plans has finally been made.


vodafone nbn

Hey look, a happy family actually using their NBN! Image credit – Cloud Front


You might wonder just how strange it is that Vodafone is moving into fixed line telecomms. But given the NBN is going to be the wholesale retailer, anybody can buy bandwidth and onsell it to customers. In a similar manner, Woolworths and Coles have their own pokey little mobile phone side businesses.


So, to the plans themselves. You might be interested in their products, especially if you already have a mobile phone with Vodafone. The initial tranch of Vodafone NBN plans have three levels for residential customers:

  • AU$80 per month,
  • AU$95 per month, and
  • AU$110 per month.


You can also choose to sign up to a Business Plan, but there’s really not much difference in terms of cost. Having said that, a business owner would expect to get better support, though anything larger than a small business ought to look elsewhere. The difference for your money is in the maximum theoretical speed your connection can attain. At the basic level, you can get up to 25Mbps, then 50Mbps and the full fat 100Mbps for the top level plan.


vodafone nbn

Image credit – Fairfax Limited


However, you’ll need to be careful that your connection can actually attain such theoretical speeds. Unfortunately, NBN Co’s rollout map no longer shows you what kind of technology you’ll be receiving, apart from wired or wireless.


All three levels have unlimited data, plus you get to use Vodafone’s mobile network as a backup if there’s a problem with the hardwire connection. If you choose to go with a 24 month plan, then you get a free modem from Vodafone. Otherwise, you can choose a no lock-in option, but you’ll have to fork out AU$150 for the modem.


vodafone NBN

Hey, they have the internet on computers now! Image credit – Cloud Front


The Vodafone NBN plans are actually very competitive, especially compared to premium retailers like iiNet. The added bonus of having a wireless 4G backup should surely be tempting.

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