WTT Weekend Editorial – What’s a computer?

Some of you might have seen the latest effort from Apple’s marketing department. It’s an ad for the iPad Pro, and it features a member of the youth of today going about their daily business. At the end of the ad…well, just watch it. It’s cringe worthy for all the typical Apple marketing reasons. That’s the topic of today’s WTT Weekend Editorial.



First of all, this is not a rant about the youth featured in the ad. In fact, they’re just playing the part asked of them. No, this rant is aimed squarely at those responsible: Apple.


While the youth of today demonstrates the power and capabilities of the iPad Pro and iOS11 through their daily routine. Through some catchy modern poppy electronica, they video call, draw, type and do all sort of stuff. They do this in all sorts of places; trees, couches and stairs.


Note what happens at the end. The youth is on their lawn, and their kindly neighbour asks what they’re doing on their computer.


The response of the youth? “What’s a computer?”



It’s like asking: “what’s an apple?”


Sadly, and seriously, this ad seems to demonstrate Apple’s attitude to technology. But to answer Apple’s question, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word as: “An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.”


So yeah, everything Apple makes is a computing device. The watch, the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, Macs and probably whatever runs their marketing department’s collective brain.


Perhaps it also reflects how people actually think. They don’t actually care how things work, as long as they do. But Apple’s not exactly been great in giving customers choice in its history. Think about removing dongles and headphone jacks.


Ultimately, this WTT Weekend Editorial hopefully makes you as a customer consider whether or not you want to give your money to a company that doesn’t know what it actually builds.



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