WTT Weekend News Bundle – 7 August 2017 Edition

wtt weekend news bundle

WTT Weekend News Bundle – 7 August 2017 Edition

Bacon, eggs and coffee. Plus a lot of sleeping in. That’s what a weekend is for, right? Sadly, sleeping in is much harder to do, now that we’re all grown up and responsible. Because we now can’t sleep in, we at What The Tech are still beavering away at our keyboards, bringing you the latest news from the weekend.


Weekend News Bundle – Voyager probes almost 40, still working

weekend news bundle

Image credit – Britmodeller.com


Did you know that the Voyager space probes are nearly forty years old? Did you know that they’re still going strong? That’s quite an amazing feat of engineering. Launched in 1977, the two Voyager probes explored Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune together, for the first time ever. They brought bad amazing photos of the gas giants and their moons for the world to see. To this date, the beauty of these shots will still amaze.


Currently, they’re the furthest man-made objects from the Sun, but their power supplies are expected to last until 2020. What other wonders can they discover until the power runs out?


Weekend News Bundle – AMD RX Vega 56 benchmarks leaked

WTT Weekend News Bundle

Image credit – AMD


AMD’s Radeon RX Vega is still a mystery in terms of performance. A recent benchmark leak points to the lower end model, the Vega 56, being a GTX1070 killer. The benchmarks indicate that the RX Vega 56 is faster than its Nvidia counterpart at 1440p with settings at somewhere between high and ultra. It’s not known which games were used in this test, so take this leak with a large dose of salt.


Weekend News Bundle – Apple Watch 3 might be able to call without your phone

WTT Weekend News Bundle

Image credit – Apple


The Apple Watch 3 is coming at some point. Rumours point toward Apple adding LTE support to the next Watch. This means that the Apple Watch could start making phone calls without a direct connection to your iPhone. Which would be handy. But think of the battery drainage. And just how strange you’d look talking into your wrist like a secret agent.


Weekend News Bundle – Researcher who neutralised WannaCry arrested

WTT Weekend News Bundle

Image credit – TechRepublic


Marcus Hutchins, the man who stopped the WannaCry virus in its tracks by registering a domain name contained in its code as an actual website has been arrested. Ironically, the arrest was for creating and distributing malware that steals banking credentials. Mr Hutchins will be released on US$30,000 of bail.


Hutchins apparently admitted to developing the banking malware, a role his attorney refuted in court. Whatever the outcome of the case against Mr Hutchins, hopefully it doesn’t stop him from continuing with his career.

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