WTT Weekend News Summary

WTT Weekend News Summary – 7 May 2018 Edition

Welcome to the new week. There’s been quite a bit of stuff that has happened in the last few days that we never got around to covering. However in this latest edition of What The Tech’s Weekend News Summary, we’ll help you get a handle on the latest happenings in technology from around the world and the web.


WTT Weekend News Summary – Nvidia ends Geforce Partner Program


HardOCP first broke the news about Nvidia’s Geforce Partner Program. According to Nvidia, it was aimed at increasing transparency for customers who were looking for Geforce products. However, some interpreted this as a move by Nvidia to gobble up more of the market by getting competing Radeon products off premium gaming brands.


News has now broken that the program has been ended by Nvidia. It alleged there was “misinformation” about the program and that the backlash from some quarters was “distracting”. It appears Kyle Bennett of HardOCP is now facing potentially business ending backlash from Nvidia. If the program really was so good, then the secrecy and behaviour from Nvidia certainly doesn’t seem to reflect the benefits.


WTT Weekend News Summary – Windows 10 April update widely available in May


Microsoft has finally ironed out all the bugs in its latest Windows 10 update. It managed to just squeeze the rollout of the update into the end of April. The final version of the April Update (1803) has been rolling out since then. Wider availability of the update will continue on into May.


The most important feature of Windows 10 version 1803 is the Timeline feature, which allows users to roll back to old versions of programs and documents. There’s also more of Microsoft’s latest design philosophy – Acrylic – which adds translucency and layers into the desktop. This marks a return to the Aero design scheme, similar to what was used in Windows Vista and Windows 7.


WTT Weekend News Summary – Destiny 2: Warmind about to land



Destiny 2 has had some mixed reviews. And to be frank, so did the original. Its first expansion, Curse of Osiris, also received a lukewarm response. Mainly, it had to do with the small size of the general playable map and a lack of new loot. In response, Bungie has been making many changes in the background – though these should have been in the original game – and developing Warmind at the same time.

Hopes are high for this latest expansion, which will land on computers (and consoles…) on 8 May in the US, and 9 May in Australia. With this new expansion comes more events, challenges and gating for high end loot.


Suit up Guardians. This could be an awesome ride. Stay tuned for What The Tech’s review.

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