WTT Weekend News Wrap – 18 September 2017

WTT Weekend News Wrap

WTT Weekend News Wrap – 18 September 2017

It’s that time of the week again. The weekend is over and your early wake up alarm is blaring in in your subconscious. Your body needs that vital caffeine to function for the rest of the day. And of course our regular WTT Weekend News Wrap for the week. Certainly better than a dose of your typical shock and awe newspapers.


Weekend News Wrap – Cassini’s watch over Saturn ends in fire and rings

WTT Weekend News Wrap

The Earth as a pale blue dot from Saturn. Image credit – NASA (Cassini)


It’s hard to fathom that Cassini had been functioning for twenty years. Launched in 1997, the space probe has held vigil over the Saturnian system for thirteen of those years. Just think back to what’s happened in that time on Earth. NASA called time on the craft’s momentous journey by plunging it into Saturn. It was out of fuel, and concerns about possible contamination of the moons Titan and Enceladus meant there was only one possible fate for it.


WTT Weekend News Wrap

Saturn’s hexagonal polar storm. Bet nobody expected this. Image credit – NASA (Cassini)


It performed one final dive into the atmosphere of Saturn, measuring and transmitting to the very end. Farewell, Cassini. Thanks for all the science.


Weekend News Wrap – Anti Face ID masks already on Taobao

WTT Weekend News Wrap

This is the first piece of my Venom costume… Image credit – Daily Dot


But it’s not clear whether they actually work as intended.


With the release of the iPhone X Ten, Apple continued to signal that it was looking at new ways to do things. Also, it is going to be really expensive. But potential customers are looking at Face ID as a security threat, and once again, China comes to the rescue in the way of face masks. Certain to be a hit at all the trendy places in which iPhones can be found.


Weekend News Wrap – 7nm ARM datacentre chips coming soon from TSMC and partners

WTT Weekend News Wrap

Image credit – WCCFTech


Building computer chips is big, expensive business. It gets increasingly complex when smaller manufacturing processes are involved. Just ask the engineers over at Intel who are still grappling with its 10nm process. Meanwhile, Samsung has beaten it to the punch with consumer grade manufacturing on that process out already.


Meanwhile, TSMC, ARM and Cadence will team up to build their first 7nm test chips, with the eventual products to go into the datacentre. Competition is heating up, and this latest alliance is sure to send a rocket up the competition in that space.

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