XBox One X preorders

Xbox One X preorders begin worldwide

Despite being unwavering members of the Glorious PC Gaming Race </s>, we here at What The Tech understand that there are people out there who prefer consoles. Those who can’t figure out more than ten buttons at once, those who don’t know how to set up stuff apart from plug in and go. To those people, we salute you. So do Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, as generations of consoles continue to ooze out of factories. Your living room could be soon be adorned by a new inhabitant. Xbox One X preorders have started worldwide.


XBox One X preorders

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All joking aside, the XBox One X is a serious piece of kit. It’s decked out with some pretty impressive hardware, eight CPU cores, a modified AMD Polaris graphics processor and a pretty nifty cooling system. And all so that you can run your games at the full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. This is the sort of technical brute force most PC gamers have been enjoying for some time.


That’s not all. If you’re playing a game on a television that only supports that humble 1080p resolution, then developers can use that grunt to enhance your visual fidelity in other ways. That’s the kind of choice available to developers though, and owners of the Xbox One X will not be able to adjust things to their hearts’ content.


XBox One X preorders

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The Xbox One X preorders aren’t going to just sell themselves. Gamers want games to play on their new console. Prospective Xboners can go to the Xbox Enhanced website and see just how their experience will be made more awesome. There are over 130 confirmed titles so far, with more to come. That’s still not as many games as my Steam library, but whatever.


The XBox One X preorder price is US$499, which translates to a smidgen under AU$650 here. At least according to the EB Games website where you can put your name down for one. It is a monster console with monster computing power. And it will be available on 7 November 2017 if you’re an early adopter.

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