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Your Phone feature to further integrate your life in Windows

Have you ever felt the frustration of working and then having to answer texts from your phone? It breaks your workflow every time it happens. Microsoft is shifting its priorities into productivity even more. So it will be introducing a new You Phone feature into Windows 10 to relieve its users of constantly shifting screens and interfaces. You’ll be able to do a lot more phone related stuff direct on your PC’s screen.


windows 10 - your phone

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As Microsoft has pulled out of competing against the smartphone juggernauts of iOS and Android, its mobile strategy is now reliant on making those operating systems work with Windows. The upcoming Your Phone feature builds upon the current level of phone and Windows app communication. For example, you can already respond to messages in Facebook Messenger from notifications.


However Your Phone will be more powerful. It will enable users to drag and drop pictures from messages into Windows. You’ll also be able to see the conversation thread represented in the same way on screen. Even phone specific notifications will appear direct in Windows. This is all in an effort to keep you focused and ensure that everything relevant is in the one place for convenient access.


Windows 10 - your phone

Image credit – MS Poweruser


The company says that: “(this) week we’re introducing a set of features and updates across a variety of devices and platforms and a better blending between web and application environments for end users and developers. Last year at Build, you heard us talk about our commitment to meeting our customers where they are – across platforms. We’re expanding this work to not only bring more Microsoft 365 services across platforms and into applications, but to better connect customers’ existing PC experiences with their phones, helping to increase engagement for developers.”


It has also stated the the Your Phone features will begin testing on Windows Insider builds. Indeed, the app is already installed on the latest build, but appears to be a placeholder for now. No doubt the guts of the app will start appearing in the near future as Microsoft ramps up for the next Windows 10 update (Redstone 5), slated for September/October.


Better integration of Windows with other operating systems is now a top priority. With 700 million devices running Windows 10, the operating system is still relevant, powerful and popular, despite prophecies of it’s doom. With Your Phone coming soon, it will make an inconvenience disappear, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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